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Encoder Element Optical TTL Encoder Optical 1Vpp Encoder
Absolute Encoder Inductive Encoder Magnetic Encoder
EtherCAT Encoder CANopen Encoder Interface Electronics
Diagnostic and Testing Equipment Connecting Elements and Cables Resolver
Tachometer Tool Measurement Laser Interferometer System
Special Environment Encoder Wire-Draw Encoders
Our feedback options include: Moog & Tamagawa Brushless Resolvers, Encoders, API & Zygo Laser Interferometers, LVDTs, and Tachometers. Brushless resolvers are economical, highly accurate and can be used for position feedback, speed sensing, and motor pole detection. Encoders are available as: Optical/Magnetic Linear Encoders, Optical Angle Encoders, and Optical/Magnetic Rotary Encoders.
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