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Accessory Controller Dynomotion Overview

Dynomotion Controllers & Drivers

Dynomotion makes some of the best control boards designed to develop, automate and enable interactive mechanisms. Its boards offer exceptional capabilities and consistent rock-solid performance. The control algorithms implemented by Dynomotion software are state of the art and give you the capability to program the board in native C programming language and use G-code for CNC applications with free KMotionCNC software.

At E-Motion Supply, we are proud to offer a selection of Dynomotion control boards, including the 8-axis motion controller KFLOP, a novel motion controller that takes over the real-time requirements of your system from the host computer by buffering data and running multiple simultaneous threads deterministically. We also carry servo drives for I/O Kanalog, I/O expansion boards and KStep stepper drivers. Whether you are looking to control a 3D printer nozzle extruder or just need basic stepper motions, Dynomotion has the boards and software to help you achieve your goals.

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