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Copley offers a complete range of high-power density digital drives for brushless, brush and stepper motors. Both AC- and DC-powered versions are available. Xenus, Accelnet and Stepnet feature CANopen for distributed control. PLUS versions incorporate EtherCAT as well as CANopen and offer expanded feedback options.
PLUS drives feature high resolution A/D converters for optimal current control as well as fast, hardware-based position capture and setpoint trigger output.

  • Incremental Encoders Digital incremental encoder and Halls are the standard interface on all drives with position mode capability. Xenus and Accelnet feature an analog encoder option and incorporate a wake-and-wiggle algorithm for commutation without Halls.
  • Resolvers Resolvers are the feedback of choice for rugged environments. Available as an option on Xenus and Accelnet, Copley’s proprietary interface delivers 14- bit resolution up to 10,000 RPM.
  • Absolute Encoders Select Copley drives are available with a range of open standard absolute encoder interfaces including EnDat, BiSS and SSI.

Safe Torque Off

The Safe Torque Off capability of PLUS Panel drives eliminates the expensive contactors and complex wiring traditionally used in safety critical applications. Safe Torque Off provides two drive enable inputs facilitating system conformance to SIL 3 (IEC 61800-5-2) & Category 3 PLd (ISO 13849-1).