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AMI Designs and Manufactures Servo Controllers for Moving Coil Actuators (MCA), Voice Coil Linear Motors, DC Brushed Type Motors, and Brushless DC Motors (BLDC).

Corporate Profile.
The origin of Automation Modules, Inc. dates back to 1987 with the development and eventual patent of a miniature distributed servo motor controller / amplifier-based system for size-constrained robotic applications. Automation Modules was also a forerunner in offering a family of ultra-small, stand-alone, servo motor controllers with and without integrated amplifiers. That commonsense innovation prevails yet today.
“Listen to the customer” is our motto. Living up to that, we diligently follow through by offering the very best, most cost-effective, motion control solution promptly.
Automation Modules prides itself in its willingness and flexibility to design or modify for specific OEM applications, to manufacture, and, most importantly, follow through with quality support to its customers. Performance is achieved using only quality materials and the latest manufacturing technology. Quality control measures are implemented throughout production, and finally, each finished unit is subjected to a complete functional test. Reliable, durable, and affordable motion control solutions are the result.
Simplicity is the common thread, from the simple programming language to the hardware designs, to the way we do business.

Mission Statement
Automation Module’s mission is to become “the provider of choice” for the highest quality, ultra-small, simple and cost-effective, mainstream single- and multi-axis motion control products. Equally important is to provide dependable customer service with a friendly live voice when you call. Automation Modules further strives to become “the name of choice” for OEM custom design/manufacturing of application-specific motion control needs.
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