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Panasonic offers three lines of servo drives and motors: MINAS A4 series, MINAS A5 series, and MINAS A6 series.
MINAS A4 is a multiple control mode servo system, making it agile and intelligent; network type servos (A4N) and simple position control (A4P). MINAS A5 provides high performance and function for systems where precision, smart control, safety, and easy configuration are needed. Each product line provides several models with detailed information that’ll make selecting the right one that much easier!
Panasonic's MINAS A6 family is the latest motion and drives which feature real-time auto-tuning, which greatly reduces damage to equipment due to vibration, noise, and jitter. The MINAS A6 family assures stable operation by suppressing effects of the load to a minimum using adaptive load control which is ideal for robot motions where workload changes from moment to moment, regardless of arm posture or position.

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