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Glentek’s Alpha Series Digital PWM Servo Drives offer high performance DSP control of brushless (standard servo and high-speed spindle), brush type, rotary, linear, voice coil and AC induction motors. Both AC powered (stand alone and multi-axis) and DC powered (module) packages are available. These drives incorporate Field Oriented Control (FOC) and Space Vector Modulation (SVM) algorithms which provide optimum control that enable motors to run cooler and at higher velocities.

Set-up, tuning and system diagnostics is accomplished using MotionMaestro (Glentek’s Windows-based software).

Glentek offers three drive models, Resolver-Based (92XX), Encoder-Based (Dual-Board) (94XX), and Encoder-Based (Single-Board) (95XX). The Encoder-Based (Single-Board) models are slightly larger, but lower cost than the Encoder-Based (Dual-Board) model.