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Production Line and Equipment Maintenance
Our equipment services are designed to optimize uptime and ensure accurate, consistent, traceable results from your research, analytical, and quality assurance equipment.
Our specialized team keeps all your advanced equipment up to date. We provide validation, calibration, preventive maintenance and spare parts for your equipment and instruments in and around your lab, as well as installation, repairs and relocation.

As your single point of contact for ISO 17025 compliant equipment services, maintenance and instrument validation needs, you can be assured that everything in your lab is fully calibrated and performing to specifications. This ensures that your results are accurate and reproducible. Keeping all your tools in compliance also improves efficiency and maximizes equipment investments, saving you time and money.

Our equipment and instrument services cover:
Asset management
Multi-vendor technical services
Installation, validation, and calibration
Preventative maintenance of lab equipment
Equipment Manager digital solution

Any request please contact our application engineers.