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Machine Modifications
Equipment transformation refers to the technical innovation or structural improvement of equipment in order to improve the performance of existing equipment and increase production efficiency.
There are two basic forms:
(1) Modification of equipment. By changing or increasing the capacity, volume, shape, or power of the existing equipment, the production capacity of the equipment is improved to meet the needs of production. However, simple equipment modification cannot improve the quality of the equipment, which is not conducive to promoting the technological progress of the enterprise.
(2) Technical transformation of equipment. Use advanced scientific and technological achievements to improve existing equipment to improve the modernization level of equipment and change its technological backwardness.

Modification content
  • Improve equipment accuracy level;
  • Improve the degree of equipment automation, realize numerical control and linkage;
  • Improve equipment power, speed and expand equipment process performance;
  • Improve the reliability and maintainability of equipment parts;
  • Refit general equipment into efficient and special equipment;
  • Realize automatic control of processing objects;
  • Improve lubrication and cooling system;
  • Improve safety, protection devices, and environmental pollution systems;
  • Reduce equipment raw material and energy consumption;
  • Make parts universal, serialized, and standardized.


Depending on your demand

Regardless of how you want to upgrade or enhance your MILLTURN, with all the options available here, we will be able to modify your machine according to your needs.

  • MILLTURN – state of the art
  • Enhancing production options
  • Optimising production workflows
  • Further increasing productivity

Upgrading components and functions

We work with you to jointly develop sensible modifications for your MILLTURN to meet the new requirements on your machinery.

  • Renovation of controls and drives (including control cabinets)
  • Retrofitting, converting or upgrading electrical and mechanical components (pick-up magazine, measuring probe, NC drive, etc.)
  • Enhancing machine functions
  • Enhancing tool magazines
  • Lighting upgrades (Ergonomic Light Concept)

Further increasing the productivity of your MILLTURN through tailored automation measures in terms of delivery and extraction systems for your workpieces. We offer machine modifications tailored to your automation plans.

Machine modification for:

  • Gantry robots
  • Articulated
  • robot in front of the machine
  • Pallet transport systems

Contact our application engineers,Let us know what you want.

Machine Modefications