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Sanyo Denki's SANMOTION Servo System has a vast array of options to fit your motion control needs! Available are: AC Servo Systems, DC Servo Systems, Closed Loop Stepping Systems, 5-Phase Stepping Systems, Linear Actuator Stepping Motor, and 2-Phase Stepping Systems. Mentioned below are a few of the available options:


A DC servo system made up of highly responsive servo amplifiers that feature easy setup for optimal operation and servo motors with low speed ripple operations by combining with a high resolution encoder. For use in electrical measuring instruments and general industrial machinery.


Highly accurate AC servo systems consisting of compact, high-torque servo motors and servo amplifiers that reduce positioning settling time.

With highly responsive command following and vibration controls to minimize machine stand resonance, they contribute to shortened takt time.

They are ideal for applications where high precision movement is required, such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, chip mounters, robots, and machine tools.


Combines the advantages of our AC servo system and stepping motors. This series has achieved high-speed, acceleration, and deceleration, and is compact and superior in terms of cost-performance.

For use in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, general industrial machinery and conveying machines.