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Motor+Drive (2-in-1) Stepping Motor Motor+Drive+Controller (3-in-1) Stepping Motor
Motor+Drive (2-in-1) Servo Motor Motor+Drive+Controller (3-in-1) Servo Motor

Integrated motors, sometimes called smart motors, are motors that integrate one or more motion system components. The motor part of the integrated motor can be any number of types including brushless DC motors, servomotors or stepper motors. An integrated motor-drive system combines a motor and a drive (at the very least) but can also include other components such as controllers or encoders.
One benefit of such integrated systems is: there is no need to purchase multiple components separately and take time to combine them and get them to all work together.
Integrated motor-drive combinations can usually be set up out-of-the-box with little engineering effort required.
Integrated motors have sophisticated current control, smooth torque rippling, and can be used in harsh environments and limited spaces.

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