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Infranor offers DC and AC Motors to fit your various needs enabling endless options and configurations for your projects. Below are a few of the offerings with specifications to give you an idea of what one can expect from such a remarkable brand.

DC Servo Motors |
Brush Type

MSS Series

  • Ratings to 6,000 RPM

  • Compact Length

  • Zero Cogging

  • Acceleration Torques to 10 x Rated

MSS Series servomotors provide a 20% increase in power to weight and volume ratios and a 20% increase in power rate and acceleration capability over previous designs.

Incorporating an ironless rotor design, these industrial strength motors have an extremely long brush life and high efficiency.

The motors incorporate options of tachometers and fail-safe holding brakes within the motor structure, and in many cases are half the length of equivalently rated conventional motors.

CML Series

  • Small dimensions

  • Radial magnetic flux

  • High performance

  • Square format

AC Servo Motors |
Brushless Type


  • Resolver feedback

  • Shaft with keyway

  • Protection IP-65

  • Rotatable angled connectors

  • PTC thermal sensor

  • RoHS conform

MSA Series

  • Very compact

  • Reduced diameter and length

  • Axial magnetic flux

  • Low cogging torque

  • Excellent torque/weight/volume ratio

BL 40
/50/70 Series

The BL Series incorporates the option of a fail-safe holding brake within the structure of the motor. Brake option is not available in a short length version.