Focus on motion control and robotics application technology, serving the global high-end manufacturing industry and becoming a leader in motion control and robotic application technology.

E-MotionSupply was founded in 2014 by E-MOTION, with more than 25 years of experience in the motion control industry as distribution, solution design, system integration, custom design, and manufacturing.

E-MOTION was established in 1994. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in application development, system integration and manufacturing of motion control technology, and flexible manufacturing production line. It is a global motion control expert. A provider of industrial informatization advanced manufacturing and industrial automation engineering solutions, system integrator, and manufacturers.

Main achievement:

1. Provide complete control system solutions and engineering implementation for many machine tool customers:
Milling machine and machining center control system; Vertical turning and milling center CNC system; 16-axis composite machine for Light Communication
Control System; Various types of cutting (laser, plasma, water-jet, EDM, glass, etc.) CNC system; and so on.

2. Equipment manufacturing for many semiconductor and electronics customers:
Motion control products and collections for automated production lines, engineering services,
mounter, gold wire ball welder, laser dicing and engraving, LED soldering, LCD processing, PCB drilling, etc.

3. Provide motion control, sensing technology, and visual technology solutions for all types of robotic customers:
Multi-joint robot, Delta robot, Scara robot, AGV, Medical robot, Pipe welding robot,
Service robots, Cartesian robots, Palletizing robots, etc.

4. Life Science Sports Solutions:
X-ray machine, biological analysis and testing, rehabilitation equipment, ventilators, etc.

5. New energy:
Wind, Solar, Nuclear power, New energy vehicles, Drones, etc.

6. Aerospace and military equipment.

We have also established long-term cooperation with many well-known brands around the world, forming a complete and efficient global operating system from the supply chain, distribution chain, international logistics chain, foreign exchange settlement chain, capital chain, and technical support service chain. Combining these advantages, we have built the Internet + Business platform We hope that more partners will join our business platform for the benefit of the motion control industry and the equipment manufacturing industry.